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August 24, 2016

I love it when a product comes into your life, and totally improves your day-to-day living. For me, that was the day my complimentary Lenny Lamb baby carrier arrived …

August 13, 2016

Ready for decadent skincare that takes the guesswork out of deciphering what products are safe during pregnancy? Seni Naturals offers a range of bath and body products …

August 11, 2016

The bane of every mom’s existence is the realization that there’s no such thing as an investment piece when it comes to baby clothing. Buy it today and your child …

August 03, 2016

For parents who prefer an audio monitor, Summer Infant’s Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor is a great hands-free, wearable option with exceptional sound quality. …

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Q: Is it safe to get a bikini wax?

Yes, bikini waxes are considered safe during your pregnancy; however, if you are in your second or third trimesters you should avoid doing any activities that require lying on your back for long periods of time because it can cause lightheadedness or even …

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